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The Zina Linnik Project as a Strategy

Tacomans felt the horror and shock of Zina Linnik’s tragic death. This tragedy was felt most deeply by friends, neighbors, and classmates in the Central Hilltop community, where Zina lived.

What began as a project to memorialize Zina by creating new park facilities blossomed into a major initiative. The effects of the Zina Linnik Project (ZLP) have been profound, not only in the successful renovations of McCarver Park and Wright Park which are now unique, fun and beautiful spaces, but also in the project’s ability to inspire and activate civic engagement at every age level.

ZLP has sparked hope, empowerment and achievement in all who participate, including the courageous students of McCarver Elementary who contributed on every level. In unparalleled partnership these children, along with citizens, institutions, and organizations work on all aspects of the parks’ development including outreach, design, fundraising, environmental analysis, and event planning. Students now plan park programming focused on community gardening, health, sustainability, and safety.

Project recipients became participants, changing how we think about young citizens and their ability to contribute. Now, the Greater Metro Parks Foundation is committed to examining the outcomes of the Zina Linnik Project and to use these identified best practices in future capital fundraising projects, mentorship and civic engagement programs. ZLP principles will continue to be activated and shared to encourage profound community-building and youth development in our struggling local neighborhoods.

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