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Nature Education Programs

Your contribution of $50 makes it possible for 100 people to enjoy nature walks and events.Nature Education programs take place year-round throughout the park district.  These programs are varied to appeal to adults, children, and families.  Examples of Metro Parks’ Nature Education programs include:

  • Local elementary and middle school students learn through experiments, activities, and inquiry-based learning in our parks through partnerships with Tacoma Public Schools and others.
  • Adventure Quests featuring riddles, puzzles, and navigation challenges
  • Family Nature Walks at Point Defiance, Swan Creek Park, and The Tacoma Nature Center
  • Nature Summer Camps throughout the district for adults and children
  • Nature in Nurture Preschool which introduces our youngest future environmental stewards to the natural world
  • Campfire Programs under the moonlight
  • Kayaking trips for youth and adults
  • Programs for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Your support of Nature Education programs at Metro Parks Tacoma helps us reach more diverse and underserved populations, so that all members of our community have the opportunity to participate in these valuable programs that teach us to appreciate and steward the natural environment.