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Youth Sports

Your donation of $50 helps supply a sports team with high-quality equipment.

More than 5,000 local children, ages 4-18 are enrolled in Metro Parks Tacoma’s Youth Sports Program. Youth enjoy year-round recreational league play in five different sports—basketball, baseball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and football—as well as sports instruction in multiple-week sessions and through summer camps.

Participation with MPT Youth Sports combats obesity and encourages healthy living by increasing physical activity. While the health benefits of sports participation are widely acknowledged, children experience many other benefits.

Children involved with Youth Sports not only gain skills and learn to play sports, but also build character and team-building abilities. These traits help children develop a sense of self-determination, discipline, sportsmanship, confidence, and belonging in a fun, safe environment. These skills translate to youths’ other activities and commitments in school and at home.

The Youth Sports Program is an ideal and trusted forum to teach and model fundamental ethics that help young people become well-balanced adults who can lead productive lives in our community.